style on the street



we look good together, no? jk haha.. his eyebrows are more beautiful though ,,


Do grab a copy of Garage Magazine's latest issue. Plus there's a supplementary book of compiled Garage's street style photos of guys featured on their magazine since day 01. Yes, surprisingly im included and they picked out the photo of me in my most masculine look. haha. i admit, there's a lot out there who are more deserving to be in this men's magazine. Like I wear wedges and i paint my face and i sound like a girl so imagine how surprised i was but they say that there's a reason for everything. Ive heard from a friend before that there was this reader who left a comment on Garage's facebook page complaining why gays (like me..) are featured on the mag. Like , newsflash brother, more than half of the magazine's readers are gays okay? kaloka ka! haha. no to bad vibes please! cheers to more Garage power..