my guilty pleasures... i can finish 10 bottles of both in a day.

not another outfit post.

...just me and my skin. haha. im beginning to get sicker lately .. maybe bcoz of the weather or some virus i get in the hospital or just from everywhere. its so ironic that i nurse people i dont know but i can even handle my own sniffles and cough. I already had a Chest Xray done and it was normal. On one hand, I am in dire need of changing my hair style or color . They say that a person's versatility is seen in his hairstyle and i have zero points in this one. I promised that once i get out of the hospital (which will be soon) and do other jobs, i'll bleach my hair asap.. and yes tomorrow will be our contract signing with FADAL . Me and Mike, were chosen by the founder - Levenson Rodriguez to be one of the designers of their 2011 batch. I feel so happy inside. Mom and Dad are still unaware of eat! haha. Thanks Universe! and look at my eye make up.. like? haha

and yes i shaped my eyebrows again .