head count




It was just a boring afternoon and i was just staring at them . i tried them on one by one. They may not be the most expensive shoes in this planet but im happy with what i have howeverrrr i want more. haha.. I'm super working hard since im expecting 4 more shoes in the next few months. Paydays , make it fast please!?? haha. Call me obssessed but ive never thought that height can be bought and it was so much fun doing it . I was really engrossed with growing tall since i was 14. I've tried yoga , stretching, Cherifer vitamins , milk, high jumping on new years eve yet i always end up getting fatter and desperate. Imagine the peer pressure at school when I saw my playmates' height skyrocketed along w/ their bountiful growth hormones while I remain on the front row in class because i was one of the shortest. Not now. not now. That's why i need more shoes.