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My mom is prolly sick today . She's not the type of mom who will give you material things that easy. But she gave me a phone. Last year, we even made a written contract just for her to be assured that I'll fulfill my promise to pay the DSLR that i asked from her. But versus my dad, she's more considerate with my unnecessary wants. Although ,my dad still gives me money up until this day albeit the fact that I am working already. It' s a Sunday morning and we are going to Wilcon Depot to buy hardware stuff like bathroom doors, sinks and all the grown up toys needed for our housing project. Yes. Our house is in a severe mess right now but in 3 months, i'll be sleeping in my own room. Yey. We were in the car then suddenly she asked me if I'd like to have a new phone . it was random and I couldnt be more surprised. I've been lazy with phones and gadgets after 2 consecutive phones of mine , an Ericson and Blackberry Pearl , got busted. However, I am not that excited since I'm in my worst unorganized and lazy self right now and
just thinking of adding contacts and reminders in my new phone is already causing me a major headache. I cant even set up the date and time. Gah! I'll wait for Papa to set everything up for me. So, friends, text me! i need to verify if its capable of receiving messages already.

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  1. waaah inggit ako :D super nice! my mom doesn't give in to my gadget wants easily =p If i have na..yun na muna hehe.