We Are NOT Aimless

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We Are Not Aimless

"...an aimless wanderer. but not all who wander are aimless. especially those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image." - Betty Warren, Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

"Everybody is an artist these days. Rock and Roll singers are artists. So are movie directors, performance artists, make-up artists, tattoo artists, con artists and rap artists. Madonna is an artist because she explores her sexuality. Snoop Doggy Dogg is an artist because he explores other people's sexuality. Victims who express their pain are artists. So are guys in prison who express themselves on shirt cardboard. Even consumers are artists when they express themselves in their selection of commodities.

The only people left who seem not to be artists are illustrators."

We Are Not Aimless is a showcase of 27 artists wherein the common thread is illustration. These illustrators are originators of their own ideas, where personal vision and absence of outside direction are key.

The idea is to transform 2/F Gallery of the Manila Contempary to resemble someone’s room. Walls are painted and curious pieces/ art objects are assembled and installed to resemble what happens in "somebody's head".

A video of WeeWillDoodle's live performance is scheduled on the opening night on Jan 22, 2010 6pm.

The exhibition ends on Feb 6 2010.
Cocktails will be served.


  1. aw.'tis what you were telling me kanina..
    am not sure if i can go tomorrow night. sayang naman.
    pero will try to check the exhibit na lang sa ibang day. sayang. :(