Meet Kermit


riding the tricycle. Trivia: i have a phobia in riding fast vehicles that's why i told the driver to slow down his driving. i can die happily even if i dint experience riding a roller coaster



we meet again my Lychee Yakult

Thanks for keeping me company

reading an article 'bout Kermit Tesoro on STATUS


i gave him this super small military jacket from 2percent homme in Hongkong.

2 of the best things a person can have: great skin and skinny-ness

shes so pretty. she kinda reminded me of model Marita Ganse


i was so tempted to open the sketchbook. haha


Right after work , i went to Quezon city to meet the great Kermit Tesoro to have my foot measured. This was my first time to have a bespoke shoe hence, my uncertainty and ambivalence on what shoe size would best fit me. I was so afraid of going there all by myself but everyday must be an adventure even if you're not a cancer patient right? hehe. I st,opped by our favorite Moonleaf tea shop and finished 2 cups of Lychee Yakult. Thanks to Adrian , the hot owner of the place for keeping me company. I was all alone, eavesdropping to the conversations of them intelligent UP students. It was weird meeting Kermit in real life. Ive met him during events and fashion shows but last night, he was this normy laidback lil' boy in shorts and sneakers, It was fun discussing things with this young designer who is excited for his upcoming collection this May. Let's all watch out for that. I was so touched when he said that I will be the last person who'll have the bespoke heel less shoes since he is crazily busy this year. For the meantime, Im super praying that nothing bad will happen to me. Like , i would really get pissed if my leg got amputated before i receive the shoes. Ive waited for this time to come and the universe is really kind.

Thanks Thysz Estrada, Mike Magallanes, Elaine Lopez for giving me directions. thanks!