a Preview of Liz Uy


Ill never forget the day when Liz Uy spoke to me. Like the Messiah to his prophet Isaiah. On a random day at the Forever21 store , there she was in her towering Versace heels. Among the bevy of pimply young and fresh girls hoarding lace dresses racks after racks , she saw me. I was completely clueless why would this Preview's fashion editor would give a day and inquire about my shoes. yes ... I am not easily intimidated. Everyday i talk to them strict and scary doctors at work and i would look at them straight into the eye , batting my thick mascara . But the moment Liz , in her low sexy voice, asked me ... it was a completely different scenario. my mind went blank. my tongue.. tied. I repeat. It was like God speaking to Isaiah. From that day on, i swore to support the great Liz Uy. haha. And yes! Grab a copy of Preview's JAN-FEB issue. You'll know more of this lady in the cover story.


  1. Finally caved in and bought a copy last night Karl----It was right across from the cashier and I was trying not to look at it...but it kept on tempting me, hihi---I haven't opened it yet...am allotting this afternoon for my "me-time" so I could read it leisurely...^^

  2. I also got the issue preview with liz uy!:) I got star-struck when I saw her at facehunter before. SOOO gorgeous!! Oh and did you like the golden records that was together with the issue??:)

  3. ann: actually! i also alloted a quiet time e for this magazine. haha. i do that as well just for me to absorb everything! lol. love ya

  4. ava: ovcors! sobrang like! theyre really generous no w/ trend reports. plus creative too.. i consult that golden records trend report when i am clueless of inspiration. hehe

  5. She is amazing!! She is such an inspiration, I had the same experience when I first met her! HAHA!

  6. OMG you are so totally lucky!! We think she is amazing.


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