hello there

vest Thank You Today from Cubao X / Necklace - crossings / rings - SM / dress - Don Protasio

photo by : miah legaspi

hello there. I'll be working 16 hours today so help me god. Im thinking of making a tmblr site.. what do u think? too early? too late? too old for that? haha. hmmmm . and yes, only one photo for this post just to embody the tmblr feel lol . This photo was taken by my newest friend Miah Legaspi. He advised me to buy a prime lens for more beautiful portrait shots. Ive been shopping shoes for a while now and must rest temporarily. Haplessly, i have neglected other things like buying a make up remover, dental floss, my box of green tea and now i must start saving up for the Canon prime lens. more easy shooting and focusing.