En Garde






Top - De Su / Pants - OXYGEN / Boots - Summersault / Shades - Vintage

photos by edrick bruel

I miss Tekken . I miss playing video games with my guy cousins. I think I was engrossed with video games and toys to the point that I never exercise hence me being obese until 8th grade. I don't play with my girl cousins coz i don't like the idea of sharing my dolls w/ them. My dolls were kept in a box and hidden under my bed so my brothers wouldn't have the chance to harm them. They would always make fun of me whenever i select a girl character as my player. I just love it whenever i see a girl with thin arms and lean legs fight a heavyweight guy e.g. Zangief of Streetfighter or Heihachi of Tekken.

Ughh! Im Playing lets pretend again. Regression starts now! haha
and im not alone in this. On my next post, see how i kick Paulhighness' ass.