Class and Calamity

Natural Calamity

Spring 2011 Menswear Trends
by AJ Omandac

ajomandac garage
my favorite!!!

ajomandac garage2

ajomandac garage3

ajomandac garage4

ajomandac garage5

Young artist and good friend AJ Omandac was asked by Garage Magazine, a local men's mag, to do an illustration editorial for Spring 2011 on Menswear trends. I love that he injected a feel of cataclysm in the illustrations. A conjoint scenario popped into my mind since there has always been a gap between fashion and issues like poverty, calamity, etc. Amazing work indeed. Now , the 1million peso question is..can u spot the trends?


  1. Bet!!!! Galing! Kudos to AJ! My fave is illustration is the 4th one!

  2. i loved it all....galing nman ni AJ..congrats!