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This is for the I AM section of the winter issue of Bullett Magazine

I can still remember the day that Lily Hamilton of Bullett Mag emailed me asking for my hi-res photos. on that very day, ive discovered that my very nice brother re sized every single photo in my folder. Yes. Sad but true. I don't have my own pc and i dont like the idea of buying a laptop. Ive always been accustomed with our trusty old desktop. haha. So i panicked and asked if its ok to send a non hi-res photo but of course its for a magazine and hi-res photos are necessary. Good thing my friend Edrick who photographs me still has a raw copy of this photo. Now i know ,never to trust your brother.haha. I cant blame him, i use up much of the space. But still. From now on, we must treasure them hi res photos. you'll never know. chos. Thanks Bullett Magazine and Lily Hamilton. i cant wait to get my hands on the actual magazine. Thank you for choosing me to represent Manila.


  1. Ang fierce mo Karl!!!!! Congrats on the feature!!! :)

  2. congrats on this awesome feature, karl!!:)

  3. Congrats lovely Karl :) If there is any person that deserves being featured in such an amazing magazine it's you with your sense for avant garde :) I really don't like such bootlicker comments and normally I never write comments like that but it's so true :) Every time I visit your blog I'm impressed :)


  4. iba ka talaga. galing! CONGRATS karl!

  5. Congrats, great photo & answer! How about purchasing an external hard drive? It's like your personal digital photo album/briefcase hehe!

  6. Congratulations, your photos are so cool, love your work.
    Here in Brazil it turns me on what is out there for fashion and pop concept.