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Its time to really get serious in saving our environment. We all have seen the recycle slash biodegradable signs like almost everywhere , those million peso worth of ads and campaigns just to make this environmental awareness viral among everyone. But still, i can see plastic bottles, used condoms, soda cans and all the filthy wastes you can imagine frolicking on the streets ... no, they're everywhere!! Pocahontas would approve but seriously at the end of the day all of these garbage madness will tremendously affect the world we live in. I'm not insinuating that we plant trees on our backyard or such but lets be realistic, we can only do so much and by that means preventing the worsening of our already terrible waste condition .That's why I'm really honored that SM chose me as one of the online Brand Ambassadors (forever21? kiddos haha) for the SM Supermall Eco Bags.

It was a great timing rather since Ive been hooked with Eco bags lately. Well, I'm not making echos out of it. If you would look into my recent posts, i would always have that eco bag with me. Blame Muji store for that haha. Let's face it, eco bags are much durable than the plastic ones. The bag only costs PhP 35 available in all SM malls nationwide. What is also fascinating about it is that its made of polypropylene material which is durable enough to last up to two years of weekly use and is large enough to fit plenty of purchases and other stuff. I road-tested it once during my fully loaded thrift store shopping and true to form, it is really durable.

Lets all be supportive in this good cause.. start the green revolution now.

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Thanks Mr. Joem Segovia of SM


  1. am buying one now!^^.
    I used to buy "eco" bags din from Ukay nmn,=)

  2. I like this :) I super try my best to say no to plastic, but in biglaan grocery trips, i fail again :P Sana mapanindigan ko na siya! :)

  3. ann: yes pls do. and may i know what color will u buy? hehe

  4. anagon! thanks dear. ako never na nagplastic e.g. sa natl bukstore, groceries, ukay hehe.
    try mo! haha mwah