quite quiet






Ive read from an article before that the best luxury in life is time for oneself. Time of quietness... serenity and the environmental and external death. It is but true. Before I used to hate being alone even in a small room. Frightful imaginings of Linda Blair's Exorcist days would always send panic even in the most happy happy joy joy days but now i wouldn't mind. i love being alone. enjoying the sound of ones own burp or fart or snort without thinking of what others would say its not necessarily being lonely , is it?and i feel joy in being lonely too. I enjoy the time the most in the afternoon. Most especially between 1pm to 2:30pm. Its blindingly bright but its quiet outside. Its 2pm and i enjoyed wearing my leather leggings and fur top. The minute discomfort of itchy hairs and the strangulating fabric of faux leather created a vivid sense of ease. I think its okay since I am all alone... after all.