face hunted

Grey padded top -Beache / Pants - oxygen / Shoes - Soule Phenomenon Plum Collection


Karl 02 REV
grey all over

Karl 03 REV

p.c. Kookie Buhain and Edrick Bruel

My outfit was all set 2 days prior the facehunter booksigning event but then I bought these gray platform boots from Nicole so i have to change the whole thing and the color scheme as well. I respect shoes and it's omnipotence in terms of style that's why most of my outfit depends on my shoes. i dress from the bottom all the way to the top. and obviously i don't wear hats. The shoes are just insane. Its a bit scary honestly but its fun to look skinnier and taller. The boots are inspired by Charles Anastase and JC's Litas but Soule Phenomenon's version is made of suede and in a monochromatic grey color which makes it a tad different. Its as if the shoes were coated with a hot and gooey cement. I cant wait to get the black version as well. Bubbles Paraiso was there also and she liked it. haha