all i want for christmas is not just you

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I have a few things in my Christmas List . Its few but i calculated the sum of their prices and what i got was a whopping Php 23,ooo . We are taught to believe that everything is possible , blah blah. blame it to Walt Disney haha but seriously i am determined to get all of them. One of those few are these pair from Virtual Mae! Now i understand girls who'd scream at the sight of a pink hello kitty hair clip, pink rubber shoes, pink necklace, pink underwear and pink whatevers! Colors can be very tempting. It provides a hugeload of character on an item and true to form it does! Just like the shoes. Id never buy it if they were in gray but Jesus! Theyre in red and they're furry as a hamster! its the perfect shoes for my all red addiction. Dont you think?

And since its Christmas already, and we are slaves of the cristmas-y routines and rituals, im planning to have a humble give away. No Chanel lipsticks and Lanvin tee yet. Not yet. just some small stuff that id love to share. Something.. me? I'd commence the give away depending on the comments since i dowanna have a give away with only 3 people in it. the more the many-er! haha


  1. beautiful shoes karl! :D wow "so you" nga!!!! :D And yey a giveaway!!!!

  2. love them! sooo you! and yes, a give away!

  3. love the shoes! it is very you!:) and yes to giveaways!

  4. yes to give aways,^^,
    LOVE the COLOR!!!