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thriller night...



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jacket - Sartori / pants - thrifted and tailored / shoes - Soule Phenomenon / bag - Junkie Shop

p.c. PaulJatayna

The moment i bought the red pants , i mentally pictured out the clothes that would look seamlessly in it in seconds . I dont have a lot of red stuff but i have quite a few remarkable pieces so it would be best to collect more reds... and yes a red lipstick would complete the red prozac-ed addiction!

The jacket is a perfect hybrid of sportswear and couture. Its just an ordinary jacket but if you look at the asymmetrical zipper formation , the panels, and of course the shoulder details (which gives it a samurai vibe) it is definitely giving it a power urban feel.

This is what i wore at the FOREVER21 Event last Saturday. They also presented 6 selected bloggers who represent the hip and young brand. More photos to follow.