stone to death








croppped tee - Oxygen / striped tee - ADD / pants - Mental / boots- Costume National

Im no longer Charles Guislain-ing. Ive come to realize that im a man and i have a big bone mass. (An excuse when in truth, I am really thick and plump, see also: chubby) . Later today, I will meet up with my business partner in Paradigm Shift for a documentary/ interview in one segment of ANC (The ABS CBN News Channel). Ive bitten all my nails off due to this unexplainable and uneasy feeling. Im not really good at personal interviews let alone when the camera is 5 feet away from my face but im still thankful for this . And fuck me for having a big zit on my cheeks right now. pft!!!

I dont look nice on gray or maybe its the other way around? the Grey pants i bought from Mental yesterday allowed me to reassess and like gray this time. I have a lot of grey stuff in the past including my Costume National boots which I horribly neglected since the day i became addicted with wedges and heels. The store is on super sale and i wouldn't forgive myself if i left the store empty handed and to be fair, they sell unique pieces. I may over pile my small frame with loads of fabrics, pieces, articles but i like them layered. I feel protected. I have received a lot of comments asking why i keep on putting on bedsheets and its just funny coz that's exactly my point. bedsheet dressing! din't we all started our whimsical imagination from that?