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holiday 2010


summer 2010


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So i was tossing and turning in my stiff bed at 4 in the afternoon earlier because i couldnt sleep. i already took 2 Biogesic pretending its a sleeping pill but expectedly , it dint work. So i grabbed my phone and texted some friends..but then theyre all busy. I rummaged my clothes but it bored me so and the dust kindov made me sneezy so i texted designer Kermit Tesoro. Hes The young filipino designer who has been creating monster shoes since 2006.

Ive featured his Holiday 2010 before but sadly, i wasn't able to get a good seat during the recent Fashion Week. He was kind enough to entertain all my silly inquiries until he agreed on making me a pair. I suggested 5 inches, but he insisted on 8. I was frightened but accdg to him, theyre orthopedically correct. and I was nevertheless convinced because he knows the medical principle involved in it You can just imagine how my toes did an instant boner after hearing that. He even proposed of making me a couture outfit but i declined since I earn only a minimum wage every month and spending more than what i earn would cause me a lot of trouble.

In time , ill be rich (universe! ) but for now ima settle for small occasional guilty pleasures. Ive talked to shoe makers in the country and even abroad but the waiting game is excruciating so why go far when we have our own. Im super glad i texted him. After that,i fell asleep for 2 hours. I think thats whats buggin me for the past few days... shoes!


  1. ZOMG, he's making you a pair? Karl, what's his number? I'm dying for a pair of bone heels. I know they're so last season, but who cares?! Text me!:D

  2. wow!! those look like one of these McQs! :D

    haha so sweet of u, i'll unpack later hehe<3


  3. Hi,

    I'm Lyn Cacha from the POC.net, would it be possible to interview Kermit? We would like to feature him in our online fashion channel?


  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *so jeluz* ; A ;
    I'm so excited for you, Karl! <3

  5. GO lang!!!!!

    Go get them haha!!!!!!!!!!!

    (para pag makita kita pwede ko nang sabihin

    IKAAAAAAAAAW NA!!!!!!!) haha

  6. oo cant wait to see what your shoes will look like. the above looks amazing

  7. those boots could be weaponized as the killer boots -- so c000ooool