happy lab


i love wooden houses. i love the creeking noise whenever someone is stepping on its wooden floors.


by chef Edrick !


im so jealous. i love waking up and seeing this view.
windows + curtains + morning light = serenity


i squealed upon seeing the stuffed crabby toy. its disgusting. A crab will never be cute for me.



this is more organized than the libraries i visited before.




Edrick knows the random whereabouts of each mags. kaloka!



i went cray cray as i flip the pages of V! i hate myself for not taking care of my V back issues.



edrick's pussycat wearing Soule...

puss in boots. haahaa

I opted to hang out with my good friend Edrick today at his wonderful abode. I miss doing this. During highschool , we used to do this every friday , watching Mtv whilst eating a home-cooked Carbonara until we ended up replacing Lipton's iced tea with Vodka and all those horrible alcoholic drinks haha. I will forever be jealous of those people who have their own room. Even if its a size of a matchbox or as dingy as a cheap Hongkong hotel , its nice to have a room of your own coz at the end of the day, its just you and your bedroom..

But Edrick's room is far from ordinary . I was surprised that i din't sneeze for a single moment while scurrying the racks full of magazines. It was dusty but his room is really clean.
Its simple but its a library full of magazines he collected throughout the years . If there's a person who has an expertise with layouts and magazines, its him. Instead of buying clothes or shoes, he'd go straight to his fave bookstore and buy the magazines he loves. Mind you, he do this on a monthly basis. Im proud to say that he did the art direction and layout of our Paradigm Shift editorial and lookbook and Ive heard that a local designer already asked for his creative help for an editorial/lookbook. Its just surprising that he isn't working in any magazine / publishing group , but i see big things in this boy.

It was fun having a sedated day with friends. For the past few months, ive been always so stressed out , working and drinking til the wee hours and this laid back quality time reaffirms that we need to take it easy once in a while . I also love that his house is located nearby the cemetery. The ambience and air here is thrice as refreshing as compared to where i live. I instantly felt the Japanese laid back mood inside. This is what home should be.

The day would never be enough to finish scanning every magazine in his immense collection let alone reading the articles inside which i normally do but im definitely coming back. and ill be bringing my borrower's card.

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  1. ha!! love these photos

  2. I love love love this! And I miss Ed's room. OMGGG! I have an idea! Let's have a picnic at the cemetery!!!

    PS. That cat was just tooo adorable!

  3. eeeehhhh ang cute nung kitty ni edrick pati yung place actually :)

    kisses A.

    miss you na

  4. anton: true! so ang mga napuntahan ko na: house ni mike, house ni gelo, house mo at ni edrick. whos next? haaha
    miss u sis.. hows the artista life. lol. gudluck sa Gen M! CANT WAIT to blog about the dress!

  5. Lenerd: yes.. but i adore his Vmag colldction the most! hehe. =p

  6. thysz: tama! hello grabe at around 4 pm ang cool ng atmosphere! parang ibang world xa! we must get back. plus its nearer from where i am. haha

  7. waaaaaa hiya villana. hahahahahahahaahah pls picnic let's go! hehe thank uuuuu :-)))