go see

test shot ... test shot...

i look errr.... a bit armless?

ze team:



nicole.. detail shots please?



edrick - photographer.. but i took this photo. Nikon cameras are alien to me but i somehow pulled it off and voila! haha.



yey ! Adrianne Concepcion huli ka.


he is a theatre actor.


ok so i needed to carry his mineral water and chips. I almost forgot to return it after the photos were done. He was approaching me and he was saying something gibberish to my ears. I thought he's gon get my number... ambisyosang pagong! haha


He is an artist and a graphic designer. lakas maka dropsnap tokyo no?


Carlos of Kingdom of the C

It was a Wednesday and i had nothing to do so i met up with my friends. Usually, my Wednesday consists of reading Kinsella's and watching True Blood on HBO but the sun is so cheery that I had to be outside and free and all dressed up. haha. Nicole suggested that we take photos for the site Manila Street Style. The owner, Saied along with his brothers are good friends of us. Its just sad that theyre in Sweden right now enjoying the misty streets or i dont know
and the site which used to be well-maintained arent updated that much anymore. I love the site's vision and it's heartbreaking to see it not updated habitually and so it seemed that we will be contributing for the site temporarily. IT was fun! Imagine, it was just a random afternoon and the next thing we know, we are ambushing bystanders and random passers-by who are street stunners( of course). I love the part whenever we spot a possible candidate. The thrill of talking to a stranger and exchanging ideas was just wonderful. Nicole and Edrick were the photographers while I play the errr.. the interviewer ? haha. I think i had the most darling part since i get to talk to hotties like Carlos and others. We also had the chance to have a small chat with Metro editors in Greenbelt who happened to caught our eye while Im carrying my fugly stroller looking like a tourist nun from India haha.
I just hoped that more girls would wear hi heels and platforms. kainis. 80% of the girls were wearing flats that day. C'mon Manille! =p


  1. seriously, - loving the "armless" outfit!!! you guys are going to take over tokyo soon, xx

  2. You're so funny & cute! Good luck with photos! :-)

  3. the guys have more style than the girls

  4. i agree. we should consider wearing heels and platforms more often. getting dressed is not always about comfort. not all the time if it's not your thing, but at least sometimes. if you're running a marathon? fine, wear joggers. if you're volunteering at the hospital? fine, wear flats. if you are hanging out with friends and it's not on a rocky mountain face or a muddy bog, what's the harm in wearing some killer shoes? i love towering and teetering in platforms...it's part of the fun of fashion and always anchors an outfit. sure i wear flats but i like to wear them with intent and purpose to finalise the outfit, not so much for comfort.

    god, i sound like a snob.

    having said my piece, i'm in love with the outfit in the first pic.

  5. westie: haahahha.. thanks. i love what uve said. im not much of a comfort dresser. i love it when my legs are extra snug , i love it when i have something complicated in my clothes and most especially when my feet hurt from all the walking in hi heels. you have a very strong point , love thanks for saying what u feel. i totally agree

  6. LI: i can only dream heehe thanks love

  7. @proudrace: hes a total looker. i remember him na. =p