blood letting


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photos by : EDRICK bruel

i really love this coat. it drapes, it covers, it protects. it enfolds and it reds up my mood. its bloody beautiful. I dont get it why most people are afraid of blood. I think its beautiful and mildly atrocious at the same time .Sometimes, i feel blessed that i aint terrified with it. Some even pass out at the sight of menstruation. Whenever i see blood peeping out in the IV line and them patients get frantic and scared, i smile and laugh inside. I would assure them that its perfectly fine coz its connected in the vein. I love it whenever we do IV insertion, blood transfusion and do skin tests. The minute injury of penetrating the virgin skin with a fine needle is like magic. Its torture but its necessary, i would tell them. These are the few things i like about hospital stuff aside from making kids cry with injections. i kid.


  1. ahaha..love this post Karl.
    1. Because I am one of those terrified people, I have nosebleed a lot, so imagine me fainting (or almost. a lot!)
    2. I am afraid of injection needles or that thing you use to prick my fingers for testing...huhu.
    3. My having blood tests periodically will not stop anytime soon, and you've just given me one way to cope. Evrytime someone is going to prick my finger or stick a needle in my vein--I'd be thinking of you, in this outfit, instead of the nurse holding the needle,^^

  2. i adore the sheerness/drapeyness/redness of the coat... and your boots. le radness.

    i enjoy giving blood--sick little secret of mine...something about it is calming.

  3. Mother of fierce! Tumayo balahibo ko sa set na 'to. You're so gorgeous, love! :)

  4. Amazing look, especially the shoes. Love it completely - your photos have such movement and fluidity. Also, you are just the right kind of creepy. I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm in love.

  5. love the red!!!! and you rock those boots better than anyone else ;)

  6. bravegirl: aww thanks so much. they are my fave shoes!

  7. amy: cant find yer blog link. thanks so much. hehe yes. i wana be creepy in small doses. hehe love ya

  8. @philippe: i know youll love this hehe thanks my wicked friend!

    @Jason: whenre u visiting Manila? hehe letz take photos. jump photos! hehe

    westie: woww! calming! thats new to me! hehe youre BLOODY wicked hehe

    Ann: may i know whats with the regular blood testing? thats awful but honey its for you. I sometimes wish that some brilliant doctor could invent a way just to have an alternative with IV insrtions and the likes. hehe thanks yer super mega sweet

  9. wooow i love so much your style.i'm following u!

    xx simona