The Transfiguration











Thank You Today cape vest (designed by Darryl Recina)
wearing asymmetrical tee - gift from Don Protasio
shredded tee - diy
oxygen cream pants
soule phenomenon boots

p.c Edrick Bruel

Today was ,i think , one of the hottest days after the rainy season but since I always negate the inexorable ebb of the weather , here i was layered with two shirts and an impossibly amazing deconstructed cheesecloth vest from Thank You Today formerly I LOVE YOU (cubao x).

Buying pieces like this is a no-brainer because the vest itself evokes an opulent message that it is a special creation made for one special wearer. I love stores that provide that certain feel.
It was obviously one of my most recent purchases and i just can't hide my big fascination with it. The vest is from their newest collection entitled "Carpe Diem: Look Out For Your Vest Interest". Upon seeing those tailored and deconstructed vests and capes in their store last Wednesday,i said to myself that I must , with conviction, get at least a piece. Thank You Today is one of the few stores here in Manila that creates wearable Avant Garde pieces. check their store in Cubao X and meet them super adorable designers and owners! Thank you Willar and Darryl for helping me choose. It was quite a very difficult task to choose one from those 8 piece- collection.