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Im really a shy person. Really. Strange it may sound , but i have learned to deal with this thru clothes. It has become my Aegis, my patronage against situations where i must walk with eyes closed to people who lack openness to the bizaare and odd. Clothes has always been a conversation starter for me. It completes my day when someone would approach me and give lovely comments about what Im wearing. Superficial ? yes. or maybe not. But hey, we all need approval. Rejection can hurt. And being a very sensitive creature, I am weak in front of haters. More than half of my facebook friends dont even know me personally but they know that im the guy who wears heels and peculiar clothes outside. More often that not , some random people would message me and tell me that they love my style, my clothes, or would ask how on earth do i shred my clothes and its really heartwarming in a sense that by being yourself in clothes, youre being loved by people you dont even really know.

Im beginning to favor textures this time. textures and layers are best ways to present a narration in a sensible and simple process. I'd like to believe that this is just a simple shirt with tiny blonde hairs on it. IN photos it may look bulky and thick but its made of a fabric that i could not tell since its printed in Japanese.

Ill wear this real soon.


  1. so fashion forward, this one!! :D amazing look!

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  2. love the top!!!! too bad hindi pwede sa akin ang ganyang material...allergies! i think Mohair ata ang tawag sa cloth?