buzz me coz im busy


Oxygen cropped tee, forever21 tank top, Vero Moda pants, Combat boots


i was tasked to have our tags sewn on the clothes. I swear its so difficult finding one because every tailoring shop is busy and un-welcoming. Good thing my mom knew a place somewhere in Caloocan.

This week has been so busy i ended up cutting my bangs and forgetting the importance of accessorizing. This was just taken by my fave driver Mang Rik a while ago while waiting outside Nicole's condo. He's a fast learner , no? I delivered the clothes to her condo this morning because tomorrow! .... YES TOMORROW! .. we will be displaying our clothes at Rockwell! Yey! the crazy busy vibe wont end until the end of the month. I still have a line up of blog entries that i seriosuly need to work on and of course the relentless field trips to different events and i just need a perfect 8 hour sleep. Just one perfect nap this week and im all good.