boy in a rock and roll band

karl 05

wearing Oxygen brown tee, Masculo denim vest, Vero moda pants, Soule Phenomenon Only the Marvelous boots



p.c. Kookie Buhain and Nicole Puentevella

i know donning the kate lanphear i-am-tough look is painfully tired but I just love this cropped denim vest. The 90's in me is still excited and alive you see. They would tell me that I am someone who belong to those pack of punk rock vocalists who performs on dingy night clubs and do drugs but this is all for the love of clothes and dressing up. People judge us by what they see and it doesn't entirely mean that clothes could exactly reveal our whole persona. A woman who wears a pair of thigh high leather boots for work could be the most gentle and soft spoken person you'll ever meet. Or a guy who always wear stuff with skulls in it and could be surprisingly the most devoted Jesus worshiper in town. But personally my interest for this look can be rooted to the sub-conscious part of my mind. Ive always dreamed of being a star in a band. I sing but when the drums, guitars and all the instruments start playing, my voice would suddenly falter. So Id rather SING all by myself while having a shower instead.


  1. you're are def. rockin' this look karl! more please!=) <3

  2. I love the shoes, the jeans... oh what the heck. I LOVE everything about this.
    Work it.

    Jose C.