Thank you Mr. Rajo Laurel

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There are things that make people happy.

it could be a death of your worst enemy or a wet kiss from your boyfriend. But for me, I've experienced another happiest day of my life moment. I think I have like 25 happiest day of my life to date. And this is undeniably on top of those. Forget the exuberance I felt during graduation , because Rajo reads me. my blog i mean!

Ive been reading and hearing great things about Rajo Laurel ever since. That is because I am a true fan of Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez since I was 12 . During her reign in 2000 to 2003, she would always slip-on Rajo's beautiful , well-crafted and skin-revealing couture gowns in her concerts, tv shows and guestings. People began admiring her more because she started wearing more of Rajo's wonderful creations and mind you, Rajo is expensive. Regine gained more respect not only because of her vocal prowess but also on how her style turned out to be. I'd remember the article I read once : Rajo said that the more skin Regine shows, the higher her vocal range will be haha.

fast forward...

i had no idea that the great Rajo Laurel reads my blog. I met him days ago at Shahani Gania's birthday party. Everyone's busy dancing and drinking and that time , I was sobering up when he approached me telling me that it was so nice that we've met. I was blabbering things about Yekky, Miadore and blogging (I cant even really remember) and he said yes i know you, KARL.. after the pleasantries and all.. smiling , he said goodbye. He is a genuine sweetheart and I respect him all the more. I shouldav asked for a photo too! hehe.

At first I thought he was just being nice but it was true that he really reads my blog afterall. He published an entry on his blog about Eric Poliquit and Enzo Mondejar's MANANG editorials which I posted days ago.

To mr. Rajo .. Thank yOU and its such an honor.
read his blog ! its fun and informative too!


  1. you lucky man!!!! i adore rajo too.. one of if not the best filipino designer i know! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Awesome!! That's really something BIG! I've read somewhere that you're a nurse. I'm a nurse too! :)


  3. Hey lovely blogger could I use one of your pictures for a own post? Would be glad if you say yes :) please just answer with a cmnt on my blog xoxo


  4. so happy for you, babe!!!! i knew he'd notice you guys. wish ko lang na basahin niya din blog ko...pero i can be sure na hindi mangyayari yun. i might be too simple for his taste. haha.

  5. kookie: ibet binabasa din nya. hellowwrr.. lagi ka kaya asa STYLEBIBLE! HAHA mwha miss u
    SIMPLE ka hjan.loka

  6. COOL! thanks again Karl for the feature. ^_^

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