Thank you, Garage Magazine



it feels nice to be somehow included in their Anniversary issue hihi.



my fave don protasio jacket




wearing my Norman Noriega top.


they loved my proud race shirt


Ive been collecting Garage since their premiere issue in 2008.

The lovely folks of Garage Magazine was kind enough to include me on their Manual Personal Style section for their August/September 2nd Anniversary issue. Garage is the number one local men's fashion magazine here in the Philippines. I received a call from their fashion assistant and stylist Adrian Concepcion sometime in June telling me to meet him the next day at Greenbelt since I am gonna be included in their bi-monthly round up of guys for their personal style section. I was in the hospital busy aspirating antibiotics from the vial when I receive his call and i couldnt hide my happiness. He told me to prepare 5 looks which sums up my style. PANIC. growing.

Being a guy like me who owns a dump load of ratty clothes, narrowing them in 5 distinct looks is undeniably a nerve racking task but i dont over analyze so i ended up picking them in a jiffy. hehe. But still, i felt nervous.

I brought with me an over sized sleep over bag and a luggage for my shoes. My dad was happy enough to drive me all the way from Valenzuela to Makati to show is support. chos! haha

It was my first time to have my make up done by a professional make up artist and Angelu did a great job. I nearly died upon seeing his big make up trunk full of MAC goodies. I was having my make up done whilst the young actress Sam Pinto was seating beside me for her hair styling. Shes super nice and we chatted a little. Every time i changed wardrobe she was like "Oh wow.. i love your blah blah" and Adrian would assure her that its a normal thing for me hahaa

I was the first to arrive in the set and had the opportunity to meet and talk to them fashion assistants/stylists: Edlene Cabral and Adrian Concepcion. I also made friends with the other guys who were featured. In an instant, I felt weird really. I was wearing my long lace coat , leather leggings and my 5 inch wedge while they were standing next to me wearing blazers and loafers. I changed into my doc marten's boots after that. haha. Trust me , i have issues too! lol. Naloka lang ako sa mga Hermes belt nila at Louis Vuitton clutch bags nila. Robin Ortega , another guy who was featured, owns a lot of designer stuff haha. yum!

Adrian told me that i was the second guy after Jujiin who was featured with a weird yet edgy style on this section. i think i blushed for 3 hours! haaha. chos. Jujiin is Jujiin, no! but hearing that made me feel okay. I also learned that Andre Chang was included in this issue for the street style dapper kings feature.

Honestly, i never thought of being included in their section since like a rebel in menswear, I follow my female instincts more. But im really glad that they looked past it and accepted my own personal style.

Thank you Roy Macam for the wonderful photos. Edlene Cabral for being so supportive with my styling. We both love Kate Lanphear and I promised her that Imma make her a shredded tee. Adrian Concepcion for the invite and last but not the least to their EIC - Rey Ilagan... salamat!

p.s thank you Gelo Arucan and Edrick Bruel for letting me know about this. haha.