normy at last



I AM BOMBSHELL... what? haha


the cross was made of my dad's electric tape.


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drex fable cover up, Osaka diy shirt, Terranova ripped pants, Wedins combat boots, Kenneth Cole tote bag


blue polo shirt, Initial cover up, 2 percent homme drop crotch pants, thrifted combat boots

By morning light, the world seemed different .... it will be tremendously different because I'll be participating into something that Ive been yearning to do for quite some time now. However , as much as i believe in the power of the universe, i also fear about jinx and bad luck so Id rather say nothing concrete about it.

It also felt different since Im not wearing heels today as per advised by Mike. I felt that I was in my normy lil self again. Honestly, I hardly wear my combat boots these days since there are quite a numerous number of guys donning them, may it be a thrifted Doc Marten's or a Generic combat boots. Funny thing was, Mike also wore his combat boots today. There's something odd and hilarious whenever I meet Mike. One time we wore the same silver bridle ring that we bought together. Or we'd both wear an all black ensemble. Also, there was a time when I wore his signature harem pants while he wore this impossibly chic leather pants, something im always caught wearing. Ive come to realize how lovely a team we had become.


  1. go mike and karl!!! weeeh! ano kaya to? i am intrigued... hahah!

  2. awwwww!! fashion bff's!! i miss you both!

  3. sama ako sa AWWWWWWWWWWW. hahahaha!

  4. ur DIYs never cease to amaze me!

  5. no one else could have worn and made this better, pulled off excellently