And every night we'll watch the stars They'll be out for us




Zara grey dress
diy black pants
Virtual Mae wedge




Aj Omandac, Andrew Dacay, Mike Magallanes and Paul Jatayna


Today , I spent my day off with my favorite people. We helped out Andrew for his multimedia project for midterms. Its about a self - made music video rendition of PARIS by friendly fires and our good friend Paul Jatayna will be the starring role haha.

We went to a place called Mckinley in Makati and I must say that the place was fantastic.
Im beginning to regret not being able to take up Communication Arts, you see. I would've done a lot of beautiful things by now. pfftt!....

I love love the dress top i wore today. I thought its gonna make the body heat worsen but alas! it didnt. I loved playing with the silhouette and by putting pins on the hem , I created a drape and ruche-like effect . Plus i am so crazy about the subtle texture and print it has. That's all.