donning a DON


jacket with mesh tailcoat - Don Protasio
tee with lace cross patch- DIY
pants - vero moda
boots - soule (ugghhgain! haha)
tartan skirt - thrifted

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it can be worn this way too

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the moment i saw the jacket on the runway...moving languidly with the model's body, i know that its gon' be mine. haha



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Linda Blair 360 degree head spin haha.. oops. scary!

parang tanga lang

I'll be attending the 9th Annual Philippine Toy Convention tomorrow with Mike and the gang. Actually, i was so excited for this that I still haven't came up with a costume-worthy harajuku-ish outfit for a week already. We've been brainstorming about this matter but still it all boils down to the right element and clear representation of your personal style. I mean i know what i want to wear which would prohibit an inner alienation and I am pretty sure about it but this is TOY Convention and thinking about it brings me images of young kids clad in Naruto outfits, bevy of Lolita girls, Gundam or Rockman installed costumes. Its different I know and this isn't like fashion week where i could wear an all black outfit and boots and pretend that minimalism works. I am pretty damn sure that i'll be in my typical signature "blah blah snore" outfit but DON PROTASIO saved me from damnation... just this morning .
The jacket i ordered from his Holiday 2010 Collection - INSISTENT just arrived.

To dilute the pressure building in me, I programmed my lil' self that I'll be just a commoner.. a spectator.. and honestly, its my first time so its ok to be a lot less than flamboyant.I'll leave the quirky department to Mike (Toxic Disco Boy) haha. Being a nervous person that i am, i even talked to a friend who regularly
attends cosplay events just to you know, lessen the apprehension. You might be saying that Im making a big deal out of this but sadly i do.. We do. Everytime.. haha

I don't know if its a bad omen to give a sneak preview of my outfit for tomorrow but here goes...
I might be busy snapping photos of cute anime' kids tomorrow that I fear of not having a decent photo of my outfit and Im wearing Don Protasio for crying out loud! Is there any reason not to be this giddy like a 10 year old virgin?

and obviously I was trying hard mimic-ing THE DIVINITUS' trademark blurry head photos.. i think i went dizzy for a minute.I guess i'll just leave it to her hehe.
oh God im so happy. Its so surreal to own such a magnificent designer piece.