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lace coat Betty system / top zara / belt thrifted / pants diy / shoes..secret! haha

you may be sick of this lace coat which i wore to the PANTY MONSTER party last wednesday, rather WEDNESGAY! but see, i may not be utterly over it. I received an email last sunday from someone requesting me to post it on lookbook and i, bein a flattered boy and a self absorbed blogger(haha) that i was, gave in to her favour. hihi..

hope you liked the photos... in case youre wondering what on earth is that overused apricot nipa hut i have with me on the background, its the stockroom or junkroom my uncle made. It used to be the maid's quarter but the place is filled with cobwebs , cockroach perhaps and tons of old clothes which is too inhumane to serve as a shelter.

regular people here in Manille will surely think of me as someone loopy for adoring a lace coat despite myself and the humid weather but i bet Diane Pernet would smile in approval if she would see this and i think its far too enough.

and heres a video of
OWS , TOKYO!? wherein Baronessa Peabo enjoyed my lace coat as much i enjoyed her lace tube top. enjoyed .. such a powerful word.. no?.. and i really did judiging how i laughed enormously..

Thanks to Paulo Castro for including us ,bloggers in this video. solid laughtrip lang! After watching the video, i felt a bit disgusted at myself for laughing most of the time. oh Karl, you're really bad at interviews. anyhoots, its all for fun and i did!