S t y l e S a m u r a i said don't smile

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Daryl: hi.. may i know your name?
Karl: KARL... Leuterio.. L -E -U -T....
Daryl: oh youre the one from Chictopia!
KARL: (fuck yeah! kilala nya ako. chos!)hah

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saw this on Daryl Chang's site STYLESAMURAI just this morning . I think this was taken a few weeks ago at FUCK ART LETS DANCE art exhibit.

To tell you a bit about what happened , I think I was drinking Red Wine while talking with his fashown brother Andre Chang when she asked me to pose for her camera. Before that I saw her snapping photos of Gelo Arucan, Nixon Marquez , Chi Kotour and some of the guests for her style blog. And oh I love her cam! I used to have the same camera.

So she asked me to pose behind the white wall and I felt like I was exploding inside(lol) .. the funny thing was I smiled at the count of three which isn't a good move. not even fashown if you know what I mean.

Daryl told me not to smile for the second photo.. haha. i dunno whenever others take photos of me with other people watching, I SMILE by default coz i feel shy really. I guess I am only comfortable whenever my brother holds the cam right up into my face. But f*ck it! Its the great Daryl Chang , associate fashion editor of Preview Magazine, who took this photo of me... and i died ...

good thing i dont look fuck faced on the photo.. I was drinking wine during the event and my face couldnt be red and oilier like a lobster haha

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