fotd - buffed and bronzed

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i kinda like the result of skipping the under eye concealer . very Alexander wang SS 10


Smashbox oil-free primer
Make Up Forever HD Foundation #028
Laura Mercier setting powder


Dsquared X MAC sculpt and shape powder
Smashbox Green Room bronzer


Smashbox smashing brunette


ELF liquid eyeliner
MAC corque eyeshadow
YSL smudge-proof mascara
Avon clear mascara

wearing my KARL WHY shirt....

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Yesterday , i was reading beauty blogs for like 5 hours , hence, the obligatory FOTD post .I wondered why not try to have a beauty blog as well ... But as i read their posts, i realized that having a beauty blog is 5x more high maintenance coz basically beauty bloggers mostly blog about their newly bought products..AND i think that's insane. im super drooling as i rummage their daily post. If only i have the money i the world to buy lots of department store cosmetics, id have a beauty blog in an instant. Before i fell in love with fashion , i was a fan of beauty and stuff. During my "i-dunno-about-clothes-but-my-m you akeup-looks-fierce'' times, i would save all my week-long allowance just to buy the latest foundation that's out in the market. I don't have any idea how on earth did i manage to squeeze my make up craze in my student budget. In search of the so-called HOLY GRAIL, i have bought series of products from Bobbi Brown to Clinique, From MAC to Laura Mercier but still up until now, the holy grail remains undiscovered.

I love make up coz i feel empowered by it. Having a fugly skin became an avenue for me to discover that special hobby and i'm so thankful for it.

If you are still clueless with the never ending make up tutorials you read on magazines, try watching koren's videos on youtube. i swear hes got the talent!.. and he's filipino too..

here's my fave video

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I bought some drugstore stuff this day coz the extreme heat is making me breakout. I sweat and oil like there's no tommorrow. Its insane thats why my derma asked me to try benzoyl peroxide. Kiber sa dryness! haha....

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what i love about going to drugstores is dropping by at Maybelline. i mean , you can always find something cheap and useful. Like the other day, i bought their eyebrow powder which costs only P345.00 ...so i bought this foundie ANGEL FIT . i love the new packaging. Very smashbox haha. and its super cheap.. it retails at P299.00. HAHA. The yellow based color kinda works on me. This might keep me from over using my MAKE UP FOREVER HD foundie . According to Leo Posadas, great makeup is when you can still see the skin so i think ima try the au naturelle peg especially this summer.

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after that, i visited the toystore and boy it changed a lot. The barbie dolls looked odd and bitchy compared to circa 2001 and below Barbie dolls..and where did they put the XMEN guys.. bring them xmen back!!

i bought a lil something something for my 3 year old nephew so he would stop playing with my brushes. Last time he smashed one of my MAC blushes. BOO! That's a 3 year old for you.


  1. i always love your karl why shirt! i'm thinking about making one, too. hahaha <33

  2. @nmarla: yey!
    go make one yourself .. and add lace on the sleeves.. hehe. make it yer own!
    i love u

  3. haha ur nephew is soooo CUTEE! and very smart of you to bribe himm into not playing with your brushes! haha! a toy motocycle always does the trick ; )

    & you have better make-up skill thann meee! ='(

  4. @princess: awww thanks.. her mother will be so happy to hear that.. ill sponsor his nose job in the future. lolz.
    thanks.. but sometimes im scared of doing make up for other people. hehe