thoughts influence chance




....Know what you want and ask the universe for it.

....Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.

...Be open to receiving it.

Ive been a believer of THE SECRET ever since Ive tried the magic myself in 2008. Im not smart, and i din't like Nursing but i passed the Nursing Board Exam and got an average of 80.41.

it was my choice to pass..so i did..

These past few weeks had been a whirlwind.. In a surreal kind of way of course..
God and the universe is just so kind to me that i always end up getting what i sincerely want...
(want which means material things).. haha

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I was so happy to have brought home this drop crotch pants I've been lemming for weeks.. Ever since I've found it on Zara TRF , I would always comeback and check.. admire and sigh. Just like Audrey Hepburn and her relationship with the diamonds in a movie... Its effin expensive for a pair of motorcycle pants and Ive been saving money and paying bills so there aint any miraculous chance that I'd get them pants.. And I fervently promised not to buy clothes for a while...

I have money .. yes .. but its already budgeted til the end of the month..Not buying a meal during work didn't suffice either..

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But last tuesday, i dropped by at Zara to check the pants once more. I was super scared for not finding it in its usual rack but lo and behold, i found it on the "745 Peso" racks...It was extremely unbelievable to find it there. I mean its a denim pants and its not that reasonable to price it that low. Even local brands like Bench or Human priced their regular jeans at around P799-P849.. The only pants i know Zara would price this low are their HAREM/DHOTTI collections from last 2 seasons. I was ready to get them pants only to find out that i have 500 bucks on my wallet... What's worse is that my ATM only contained P34.50.. i was frantic, desperate and a bit saddened. The salesman dint allow me to reserve it til the following day and sale items accdg to him aren't entitled for reservations. I wish it was the same with Thrift stores, right?
the only thing i did was to hide it behind the fur jackets so that no rich denim freak would buy it.

As I went home , my thoughts were concentrated on the pants.. I chanted repeatedly that the last pants is meant for me and that Ima get it by tommorrow after work by hook or by crook..

The ff. day after work , i bumped at my good friend Raf and asked me if i wanna join him to Trinoma. I told him that i'd love to but I had no money to even enjoy the mall. Unexpectedly, he lent me a thousand peso and we hurried to Zara. Boy i was relieved to see that the pants are unmoved and untouched. It was there the whole time (i think) ... and i tasted this unexplainable sweet victory. I proudly walked past behind the snooty salesman as i made my way to the counter.

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i love pockets.. who doesnt love pockets??

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i really love the details of the pants.. very Balmain...

and Thank TO my sweet Aunt for this:

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Ive been praying for this ever since she told the news that she found an exact size on a 2nd hand store...
YIPEE.. A NEW8-EYE DM'S.. well not really new. haha

Oh what aweek. i feel so happy i dowanna die..RIP


  1. oh my goodness, Karl! those pants are effin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky you!!!

  2. kookie.. u bought great finds too! the zara jacket d b?\