drugged up

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trying to smile

I'm in my sickest state right now... my nose are clogged that i can't even smell the odor of my brother's socks on the floor every night like i used to. I don't know what gram-positive bacteria or virus invaded my body that i feel totally weak.. ughhh.. this is terrible..my nose looks swollen from all the sneezing and blowing.. the hospital should pay for this.. chos! haha

Tommorrow, i tagged Mike to see the Nihongo Fiesta in Mall of Asia and i do hope that by tonight this flu virus is gone.

i woke up at 8 am and dragged myself up to see the doctor nearby , but the noises from outside made me feel twice as tired so i just popped in 2 Paracetamol tablets and before i knew it, i was asleep...

i love this FRANCE TEE i bought online.i ripped and cut the hems to make it look raw.. its becoming my addiction.. Last monday, i rummage my closet and grabbed all the tees i have and with a pair of scissor , i cut randomly the hems of the neckline and sleeves.. oh boy.. i love the end result. You should go try it yourself..

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my rick owens-ish tank.. haha..
oops must go to work now!~

so long..

i leave you guys with Feist's video.. this made me so happy earlier.i was watching Channel V and theyre featuring one shot videos like Spice Girl's Wannabee and Verve's Bittersweet Symphony..


  1. get well dear!
    for some weird reason kumakalat din yang flu virus na yan dito sa house lahat kami there you have it na

    kisses a.

  2. anton dear.. thanks soo much.. di ako makahinga swear. haha. this too shall pass..