mirror mirror on the wall, what the f*ck is going on?


there's just time in yer life that u just hate every thing u see in yer reflection, and there ain't any product in yer grooming kit that will lessen the feeling of despair and disgust ...


i wanna shave my head this afternoon but i was awaken by the reality... so i using my hair thinning scissors, i just trimmed the sides and the center and the back and randomly pulled a Britney-in-her-downhill slide- career- moment



second hand Chloe cotton tee, zara harem pants, Guiseppi Zanoti boots, harness as belt from Japan

so i cajoled my brother right after work to take pics of me wearing my newly purchased organic-esque tee.. just to feel better..

my life savers: friends, my camera, shoes, clothes, green tea, leather, mojitos, magazines... so am i the kind who asks for too much?

seriously, this day was hell...im really getting tired of work.. it drastically zaps my energy .. my whole glow..
and TO THINK i only work for 8 hours. but seriously, those 8 effin' hours in the hospital is pure hellova hell... im just thankful that friends are there to rescue me.

sorry for the negative vibes these past few days..


  1. hey karl! i just stumbled on your blog and i'm glad i did. you got great style! i'm so following you. i always feel thrilled whenever i see another filipino blogger with impeccable panache. *smiles*


  2. mikeL:
    gagi.. d ako payat.. malaman kaya ako.. looka my arms!

  3. betz: me too.. i usually read filipino bloggers more! thanks.. love yer blog too!
    wil follow u! haa