coz he CHUCK-ed me...



have you ever felt scared of something? And by scared i mean literally avoiding that certain object just to be saved from revisiting the past..

as i arranged my shelves this morning since im super bored, i saw these two books intentionally hidden under the stacks of nursing books. It was given by my ex boyf last year..

a month after he gave the book, that was December of 2008, he said goodbye.

so this book became an extension of his entity.

i dunno if some love spirit asked me to arrange them books this day to give me some message. True to form, it made me realize that time really heals a person's injured heart.

now that ive recuperated, im now ready to read these babies religiously sans the pang in my heart.

ive read reviews that Chuck Palahniuk's novels have this dark and sexy morbid flavor that one can enjoy without feeling guilty to God.

sayang naman ang libro kesa mag bitter bitter-an, no?!


HMM. Ima read CHOKE first coz the book is colored pink. yes?


  1. he is one of my all time fave!!
    both of them are good
    you should read invisible monster and snuff

  2. hi anton baby.. thanks.. after ko maread yung choke,ima check out yer recommendations.. basa muna ako reviews para d ako magsisi pa na buy ko na