hide and sick..

i went to St Luke's Hospital in QC last Saturday for my follow up check up and boy was i glad to learn that my medications won't be extended anymore ... im finally cured!


Actually, this was the result of drinking Coke on an empty stomach. My doctor told me i have Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease...

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just so you know, one tablet costs like 135 pesos or approximately $2.. and its not really promising for my budget. Not to mention the consultation fee ha!? gusto ko ngang sabihin, ""studyante po!!"

but i had to.. feeling nauseated and throwing up 20 minutes after eating made me realize that food is truly essential.. that dieting mustn't be done ALWAYS..

now that im okay , ima return to my default mode... ive been depriving myself of green tea for weeks but now im back for some more hot and bitter slimming treat. before i went out, the doctor blamed my uber skinny denim coz according to him, it somehow strangulates my abdominal area..

you can go make me take 3 tablets of Valium or chicken abortion but dont mess up with my choice of clothing.. haha..


and yes i was wearing this harness belt on my chest so there you go, skinny hating-doctor .. oh well but actually he's right.. but for fashion, TIIS GANDA!!!!


just like these shoes, theyre effin painful and uncomfy, but I feel good.. and i love them. Lately, I'm super interested in "MAN HEELS"

white mesh top: Topshop / Vest: LittleMissMarie.multiply.com / denim pants: Cheap Monday
accessories: Human and Mango / Shoes: Vintage Tod's / Harness belt : from Japan