OUTFIT / Firestarter

cap / Balenciaga
wool vest / ALAND, Seoul
flame sunglases / Prada A/W 18

Still cannot let go of winter pieces . So before I pack them into the farthest core of my closet , I took them out for a spin. Yes, on a hot afternoon. We practiced driving somewhere quiet and "unpeopled" et voila! - A photo session occured! It was a dreamy plac full of greens and sky high trees. The buzzing of insects and faint breeze were our background music. What better way to interpret the Queensland summer than wearing something hot- the Prada two-toned flame sunnies ( thanks to my man , Larrend, for this special present) 

I couldn't stop dreaming of going back to Europe just to get away from all the heat and of course see more beauty and culture. We're thinking of Belgium ( could it be a sign?  see:  my Raf Simons sneaker Belgium flag limited edition colour way) 



When we learned that there is a neighborhood in Seoul that is popular with foreign and international cuisine and shops , we were keen to have a look. It's like visiting a Chinatown in NYC. I know it would have been better to see them during the night but we are not into clubbing and parties so we went there at around 10 am. I was so excited how close-knit the shops were. The first thing that came into mind is the 70's. I mean the theme and the look of the streets have that American vintage feel to it. Anyhow, I was so hungry for coffee and there were like 5 enticing places to dine for breakfast. One was a Vietnamese restaurant, a 2-storey white wooden Colonial-inspired cafe and 2 other European themed  shops. By the time we went to the last strip of the area I was just in the mood to sit down and have a cappuccino or two. So we went inside this dark and luxe cafe. You would think it's a Jazz bar that opens from 7pm to 3 am but it's actually a quiet quaint modern cafe. It's very masculine , I would say. Very heavy on woods and dark concrete which we liked. Plus , the Gucci shoes were killing me TBH.

Overall, it was a must-see if you wanted to have a break from all the shops and cutesy themed aesthetic of Myeongdong or Dongdaemun. Itaewon is akin to a neighborhood we've been to in Tokyo called Shimokitazawa were indie shops are everywhere.