OUTFIT / Autumn Vibes


OUTFIT / Michele Lamy

Asymmetric zip jacket / Rick Owens DRKSHDW
drape cardigan / Rick Owens Lillies
Brancusi boots / Rick Owens
bag / Ann Demeulemeester
skinny pants / Balenciaga

I love dressing up in layers. The way the fabrics immingle to create a notable dimension makes it easy on my eyes. I was going for simple pieces but worn differently to allow me to put the shoes on the spotlight. Add to the fact that I was only able to bring 5 pieces of basic garments to work on for 9 days in Seoul. The Rick Owens Lillies cardigan , for example, was worn from the back to create that tunic-like effect. Honestly, for a moment I felt like a homeless person with all these sombre colors and heavy fabric plus my big hobo bag. But this look is something I would always admire whenever i check out archives of Rick Owens , Yohji and Barbara Gongini. Yes, it was also inspired by Michele Lamy.


PHOTODIARY / Capturing Hongdae

We were very happy to meet one of my friends back from the Philippines to give us a mini-tour in Hongdae. It is her favourite spot in Seoul and I can see why. Everywhere, there's a k-beauty store to visit: Innisfree , Etude House, Tony Moly , Missha etc. The alleyways are brimming with clothing shops within a budget range and let's not forget the countless cafe shops and restaurants. I think this admiration with their themed restaurant will be a recurring tone for my Seoul trip. 

For brunch we went to this quiet and chic cafe which I forgot lol. I ordered a butter toffee capuccino something. I always made it a point to order coffee that doesn't exist in Australia. I didn't care if it was loaded with sugar but coffee is definitely my "pizza and cheeseburger". 

For lunch we went to this local Korean restaurant where you can sit in the tatami-like floor. I was a bit embarassed because my bulky Rick Owens boots were blocking the narrow walk way. Anyhow, I think we ordered a Veggie Bibimbap which would make me full for 3 days lol.  After lunch, we had a lovely stroll to see Style Nanda and other shops then we chilled in the Yeonnam-dong park and ate the most yummy roasted almond that I've ever tasted in my existence. 

The place has this European-Tokyo vibe, really: The smell of bread and coffee wafting in the atmosphere , hushed voices of people in the cafe, laughing kids and barking dogs in the park. It was a great idea to visit Hongdae and we even went back on our last day despite of the rain.