OUTFIT / Strap-On

longline blazer / from Shibuya 109 Men
boots / Yohji Yamamoto
leather harness + choker / Laforet

Tomorrow me and my partner will be flying to New Zealand! I just applied for a visit visa while we were in Tokyo not expecting that it will be granted. I just thought of applying because we wanted to do a long weekend holiday in NZD and it was granted! Now we're going there to see the lovely city of Christchurch and celebrate Larrend's birthday! And yes! It's my favorite time of the year. It's 8 degrees and I couldn't stress the importance of having over the knee boots. It will be just a short 5 day trip but I am so enthralled at the thought of seeing ice-capped mountains, fascinating terrains and breathtaking sceneries.  This is what I'll wear tomorrow to the airport before I cover everything up with a boring down parka jacket.


READ / Out of Order Magazine

cover / Inez+Vinoodh

Loving Hood by Air at the moment! I'm starting to appreciate complexity and chaos. I am quite amazed by their genius thought process on a grandiose scale and how it deflects the conventional way of everything: fashion, attitude , style, beauty , norms. 


TRAVEL / Techno Town

Hello, Akihabara! So many colors, so many techno-making sounds , so many video games , weird cute gagdets. We enjoyed our 40-minute visit yet the rain was so bad and we were soaking wet. It felt weird entering electronic shops and being wet like it's not a good combination so we just took photos, watched people, listened to the cacophony of this fascinating area. 


TRAVEL / Sakura Rain

I may love dark things: Horror films, Rei Kawakubo, black leather jackets, Stephen King novels but when I saw a cherry blossom tree for the first time, I  felt awash with lightness. I was transported to the time when I was 12 , an obsessed anime fan who dreams of being Sailormoon.  It was a gray day with the usual incessant rain however, the richness of the Sakura flower radiated throughout the park.  No wonder thousands of tourists fly to Tokyo just to experience this fascinating sight. Imagine it was a sunny day. How lovely would it stand against the blue sky. But I will take what I can and appreciate it against the chilly sullen clouds. Sunny or Rainy, I can say that I have already seen a Sakura tree.