TRAVEL / Quaint Asakusa

This is where we bought our souvenirs because Asakusa , for us, has the most historical character. I mean here we saw Geishas (legit and "costumed" ones), those cute canvas tabi boots and socks, Kimono shops for young and old. This was the place where I found the store that sells boxy aprons made in authentic Japanese fabric. The buildings and stores and restaurant all have the old-world 1950's feel to it and I was happy that this was our last stop for the trip. 


OUTFIT / Button Downs, Thigh High


RUNWAY / Helmut Lang 2018

Such a groundbreaking collection! I wish I was there to witness it since I've always fancied Helmut Lang and now with the creative director of HBA in the house, it is definitely safe to say that things are going to be more exciting!