Pronounce SS18 / Monoforms

photos / Business of Fashion

There is something fluid yet weighty in the looks. The sense of power not only sprouted from the shcoking mono colors but the way tailoring was executed in a modern language. The deconstruction was supplemented with construction at the same time as if to convey a process of building of clothes. There were buckles, belt cinching , frays that I truly adore at the moment. Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, you guys are amazing!!


LOS ANGELES / Venice Beauty

 After landing LAX , we went straight to Venice Beach. I always admire this very vibrant beach from Instagram and now I've finally experienced it. First thing we've noticed is the hot temperature. Thank God I brought shorts and thongs ( a nice leather and abaca trimmed one ala Celine ) because I will never survive an hour with pants and closed-in shoes. Well, apart from getting jealous of the beautiful Californians and getting high from the Weed-infused environment, we had a great time seeing a variety of cool people. I truly wish you can snap a photo using your eyeballs or maybe make everything go into slow motion because I think that travelling is nice but things can be very quick and before you know it, you're already in bed , tired. We did a lot of hanging out and checking out and a lot of walking. I was never a fan of beach and the tropics and I might be asking myself why I always end up in places where the sun shines the most, still , the warmth create an ambience for happiness. We're so glad to be back in LA!!!