OUTFIT / Middle Earth

Denim duster coat / ASOS
boots / Peachoo + Krejberg

I forgot the place where we took this photo. From the vehicle , the site looks just like normal but once we got out and experience the atmosphere - it was 10x different! It was like the whole time during the road trip we were just watching everything from the screen. You forget that the visuals are real. But once you immerse in it , you feel the grass, the wind , you just don't smell but you breathe. I would've loved to stay with my picnic mat and pillow. It would have been great to watch the clouds drift from up above or do stargazing. I miss New Zealand. It went really really quick. We were there for 5 days however I am grateful that I have these photos to help me refresh that moment.


OUTFIT / Leather legs

neoprene top / ASOS
boots / Peachoo + Krejberg Paris

I never imagines myself loving the idea of thigh high boots however I saw the FW collection of Hood By Air and I was blown away. Along with that, Vetements released crotch high cowboy boots that resembled like trousers. I thought it was amazing. It's winter time here in Australia and I wish it won't end. So many boots , so little time!