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ASOS wedge boots - size 10 US Women 
 Zara boots - size 10 US Women

I'm in my de-cluttering phase right now and I am selling these two boots because I've noticed that I haven't worn them for almost a year now. Plus , I'm into low wedges and flats lately. But I'd appreciate it if someone would get hold of these , I mean these boots are great and I am sure that someone out there would enjoy these two better than I do. International buyers ( Hi friends!!) are welcome however the price of the shipping can be quite pricier than the shoe itself so it's up to you. So email me at karleuterio@gmail.com  for price inquiries and details. I could even give  you photos of me wearing them just so you could visualize.


OUTFIT / Sweater, Shorts , Socks

 Sweater - FrontRow Shop
shorts - Nike
felt wool slip-ons - random market
frosted eyewear 
Neckpiece - Daiso 

It's always been a herculean task to dive into white pieces but the wonders of combining these three white pieces together is magic in every form. Maybe I really need to wear shorts more often but I have issues with them as it shortens my legs even more. Well , as if I've got any choice left anyway. I'll be working on embracing my hairy short legs for now. If you've noticed from my previous post  , my hair have gone shorter that is because I impulsively asked my boyfriend to shave the thick portions of my hair one boring afternoon but everyone disliked it except me. To appease the growing concern of friends, I got myself a decent haircut in a local salon. 


LIFE / White Sand Wonderland

We had the grandest time  in Capones Island beach in Zambales. It was a 15 minute wavy boat ride and I was imagining things (mermaids, shark , sinking boat)  during the trip.Once we've arrived, the serene azure welcomed us. It was a hellish kind of hot but seeing the clear blue waters and white sand , everything turned alright. We picked shells for our home decor DIY project and ate sandwiches with my man's friends and mum. I'm not a fan of beaches but the memories I have when I'm there always create a lovely imagery in my head. I think that's the power of the sun and the sea combined, it triggers the brain to be happy!


COLLECTION / Orphan Bird A/W '15

Orphan Bird A/W 2014

I've been a fan of Orphan  Bird since last year. I first encountered them on Instagram and I've been completely hooked. It's not hard to love their pieces especially if you respect brands that advocate minimalism and classic styles. Most interestingly the clothing label was created by an Italian designer , Ciro Supino and a Swedish photographer , Sara Lohman and you just can guess how interesting the language of their brand aesthetic. Their cut-to-perfection white shirts and paneled pants are what initially caught my attention. I love geometry in clothes and they produce unconventional garments and shape that doesn't impede the wearer from expressing his own individuality. I love the reinterpretation of traditional tailoring and their genderless pieces. I fully  insist you visit their site 


CLOTHES / Double-Sided Scuba Coat

We all know about coats and blazers and their status as one of the most powerful clothing ever existed. However, what came in the mail today is a very special kind of blazer. I mean China can make any unimaginable product happen but in the city of Shanghai exists a shop that creates excellent minimal clothing like this one. I must say that the reference was derived from Celine or Jil Sander but aside from the flawless raw stitch details , it is surprisingly a reversible jacket. Although , essentially I prefer the white side over the black and it's made from scuba fabric aka neoprene which I love. I gasped when I saw how the sleeves created a sturdy silhouette. Thank you FrontRow shop. Another lovely essential has been added in my closet