SHOES / Noveaux Loafers

loafers / Wittner 

Playing around with my camera  pointed loafer platforms. I might dye the white part in black to create a monochrome look, what do you reckon? 


OUTFIT / Sunday, Sunscreen + Sand

Leather PU vest / Crossroads
black pants / Uniqlo
leather platform mandals 
shirt/ Zara

Going to places has always been easy here in Mackay. The beach is 6 minutes away, the mall is 2 min- drive or 20 minute walk, the cafe shop is just 3 blocks from home. My boyfriend even made me a map during the first few weeks that I came here. Everywhere is accessible and easy and time-friendly. The only problem is driving. I hate driving . The thought of it paralyzes me. One afternoon, he let me park the car in our driveway and it was the most terrifying moment of my life. Someday there'll be a way for me to learn but for now I am enjoying being the passenger. Would it suck to miss the beautiful sceneries while driving ? I mean drivers tend to focus on road signs and stop lights and streets and I enjoy sight seeing so much. We went to this beautiful beach which I obviously forgot. It has a cliff that is overlooking the mammoth rock formations on the shore. A dead ringer of a scenic setting from Lord of the Rings or whatever. I never thought I could enjoy nature since I've always been a city dweller. Buildings and architecture are what inspires me mostly but living here is like a daily holiday. Lucky!


CLOTHES / Blue or Gray?

neoprene shirt / Ninthsheep 

This is the foamy shirt I made recently. It's a long-line style with big sleeves and asymmetrical hem.  I will show a photo of myself wearing this once I've escaped my busy schedule. When I bought the fabric, I thought it was gray. When I went home under a different lighting, it suddenly turned light powdery blue!? I asked my mom and she assured me it was gray and sarcastically advised me to have my eyes checked. It reminded me of Calvin Klein's sky collection where he featured new blues like livid blue and cornflower blue. I have a thing with fluidity and this color is a depiction of one. Blurring the notion of color and creating a concept of something different. It may look more blue on the computer too but in person it's more of grey.