CLOTHES / Ytinifninfinity aka Mallow shirt


I know I've blogged/ tweeted/ instagrammed this marshmallow of a shirt but I can't get enough of it.. Just reminding you, guys I am still in love with anything foamy/ futuristic / basic . I love this so much. Again, thanks BKBT Concept for this .


OUTFIT / Winter Mornings

Wool coat / CN Direct
pinstripe pants / CN Direct
fleece shirt / ASOS
shoes / Dr. Martens
neckpiece / Margiela x H&M

There's a sense of slackness come winter time and all you want to do all day is sleep in bed or bring the comforter anywhere you go. Thankfully, CN Direct sent me winter goodies and I am enjoying every part of it! I'm wearing their coat and pinstripe pants here which are so cozy and warm. I am battling dry skin as of the moment. It had never occur to me that once in my life I'll get dry skin but surprise surprise. I want my oily skin back! It's almost September and I just couldn't fathom how time flies so fast!  


COLLECTION / Christopher Shannon FW / 15

Im a lover of minimalism , that's purely evident. However there's nothing a designer like Christopher Shannon could fix. There is no denying his creative humor and novelty to warp menswear in a more exciting place. The plastic bag mask is clever! There's a lot of those in our house. Rampant plastic bags from wet markets and random stores in the streets.  Now i know what purpose  will it serve me . I think it will be the next big thing in a banal sense. Remember the masking tape as cuffs by JW Anderson? Margiela's bubble wrap shirt? Any art form and expression is permissible now. When everything else begins to taste like beans, a chockfull of variety isn't bad