OUTFIT / Disproportion

 Backpack / Collective via Zalora Philippines
Neoprene Geometric coat / Ninthsheep
trousers / thrifted
Square boots / Messeca via Solestruck

So happy with the proportion play I served this day. The odd mix of my Ninthsheep crop boxy jacket  with my hi waist carrot trousers versus the big backpack created a rather interesting shape. As for the big backpack over here, it's great to know that I could load it up with several magazines and my very wide sketchpad without the stress. It's very useful in times like this too when I needed my other hand to hold the umbrella and the other one for reaching my phone.


CLOTHES / Geometric Cover up

No fuss was the word I had in mind when I was working on this piece. My obsession with geometric angles and simplicity was brought to life by this lovely cover-up. I used a scuba fabric for a clean look that doesn't wrinkle (saves ironing chores big time!) . I hate wrinkles lately and just want clothes just to look tailored yet causal at the same time. Added points when it creates a boxy silhouette and this sure did exactly what I want. The cover up can build up any outfit without fuss. I think the scuba fabric will extend its trend status into a staple because I see longevity and mileage in terms of durability and function. I am designing and creating a couple of basic pieces for the Ninth sheep clothing line. So excited


COLLECTION / Niklas Schutt

Niklas Schutt  

Niklas is a young designer based in Germany. 
I stumbled upon his collection at UMAG's site 
and after falling in love with his collection, I've decided  to 
email him for photos. The  shades of white were given drama
with the impeccable arrangement of overlapping layers.

 It was a monochromatic collection but
 texture-wise , there is a degree of variation.
I also love how he photographed the pieces wherein a source of light
reveals the clean skeletal framework of the 
jackets and dresses.
This architectural mastery isn't brought by his sheer appreciation
with such discipline but because he actually took up 
Architecture classes. Mixing it with his skills in designing , 
he have given life to a collection that echoes novelty and ingenuity.


CLOTHES / Windows

neoprene laser cut shirt /  Frontrow shop

I don't know how many times I've uttered " This is the best shirt ever!!" in this blog but this shirt is too awesome and I'm beginning to see it as a favorite. One , it's made from scuba fabric , two it's white and three , it's completely layerable . It's boxy and roomy enough to be worn over your crispy button down shirt or a thin sweat shirt or if you're just too confident with your chiseled body, wearing it alone would be cute. Plus ,just imagine the texture and tiny shadows it'll give to the clothes. It looks light and I would always imagine it to be a white floating building with tiny square windows.. Frontrowshop , you've done it again! Head over to their site because they're  having a 50%off clearance sale. You know what to do !


OUTFIT / Quick Run

Topshop / sweater
soccer shorts
Nike Air Force 1 /sneakers

It was a lovely sunny Saturday and I went to buy fabrics.Surprisingly , it was the only day in the week that I was able to go out and perform errands. It was raining hard the whole week hence crippling me to just stay at home , do my online job and read a book. Seeing the sun drying the whole streets was a lovely sight. I used to favor the rain over the heat but I love the mood that the daylight brings versus the somber feeling you get when it rains. I hate bringing umbrellas by the way. Finally,  I was able to wear my new backpack from Tomtop. It is a very timely and useful present. It is a multi-way backpack that becomes a handbag or a backpack in just a snap (literally) . The magic lies behind  the small snaps that hold the straps. Now, this supersedes the concept of a typical backpack. How harsh it would be to just call it a - "backpack. I chose white cause I haven't had any white bag ever since. I wasn't  a bag person but lately I am recognizing its value after loving my trusty old Eastpak leather backpack.