CLOTHES / Nude or Nuit

I thought that I would be having a beige season but one shirt is enough. My top go-to colors are white , black and grey. If I feel that I want more color, I would grab a navy top and that's it. Adding beige to my wardrobe is too much I think.Well, It is my nod to Margiela's "skin" top. Most people thought that I was wearing nothing when  I wore this beige top underneath a blazer and it was so funny. Well isn't Margiela a peach of a guy for being so clever and humorous at the same time.


LIFE / Happy Birthday

shirt / Balenciaga
pants w/ wrap kilt / Atsuro Tayama
slides/ Nike 

I dressed up  Larrend for this day! It's one of those rare moments when he would just sit and agree on whatever clothes I coax him to wear. This time he said yes after prodding the beauty of the oversized Balenciaga shirt and if not unique , the eccletic  apron pants from Japan. Then at the last minute he tweaked and edited the styling and I actually liked it! Today we are preparing an intimate dinner at home with friends and family. We will be making tequila shots for everyone and many more. 

Happy birthday to the most adorable guy ever! I love you so much!


SHOES / Double Strap

When my MUJI rubber slip ons gave up after daily usage for 3 years, I was really sad. It was my double strap slip on even before Celine and Zara created their versions however recently  I got myself two pairs in white and black ( for me and for my Larrend) . I love the leather sturdy foot bed and soft leather.