BEAUTY / Less Base

New additions to my small community of skincare and cosmetics : Paula's Choice Skin Brightening Treatment and the widely adored Hourglass Immaculate Powder Foundation. Products nowadays are becoming multi-functional hence eradicating the futile and laborious process of skincare and make up. The brightening treatment acts as both primer and treatment while the foundation is a lightweight liquid and powder in one. I'm trying to slowly eradicate powders since I've discovered that it makes the breakout worse plus it kills the skin's natural radiance which I am after nowadays. You must really check out Paula's Choice , my boyfriend shared his products with me and after seeing the results, I'm totally sold!


PHOTODIARY / Minimal houses 01

Boredom is a good thing. It paves way to a new avenue of activity and before you even realize, boredom doesn't exist anymore. Most of the time. Larrend and I are laidback . We don't have tv at home. We always workout or jog but sometimes we just don't feel like doing those routines anymore so one day we just drove around this cool residence near the beach where all the minimal modernist houses are built. Looking at them inspired us to own a house one day. It's not a bad thing to dream of owning a house. Some people collect pokemon cards or vintage cars but owning a house is, if within reason, a practical necessity.But of course we would want our house to be something at par with the photos above. Sometimes when we drive to town , I would always keep my eyes peeled for modern houses.Usually , I gasp when I see those small boxy houses with matte paint on the walls with angular roofings.  I have a part 02 for this on my next post.


OUTFIT / Lines within lines

Leather pants / Loewe
 boxy pinstripe shirt /  dept store
shoes / Converse
bag / Cava bag
photos by Larren
I have this deep intense liking with anything linear and sharp.. and navy. The weather here is transitioning subtly into fall and wearing my leather pants was the perfect decision that morning.