OUTFIT / Softness

ASOS  top
Issues Miyake pants
leather bag 
JC platform shoes
Super leather  wrap

It's a brand new day. Brand new perspective. I am thrilled about what I've been seeing in the menswear right now. the softening of the look, the conjuring the 1970's romantic , the music era and that fab glam overload. Studs was 2010 while Silk is the now. Not being a fashion Hitler here but that's merely my observation. Deadly delicate is the key term. It suits me well at this point of my life. No loud music ( except Beyonce if that's considered loud) , no club dancing anymore (ugh, I'm sorry but ). Only softness, refinement , lazy eyed guys in skinny tops and mammoth pants with floral something and a silk wrapped around their necks. I tried it and i love it. Wait til' I lose 10 lbs more and I'll be some guy in that magazine editorial wearing Alessandro Michele's Gucci and there's no stopping me haha. For now, this.


SHOES / Hovercraft

platforms /  here

They're super cute! They remind me of bumper boats that I used to ride in theme parks way back.  I just love elevator shoes in a way I get excited about Cheesecake and seedless grapes. Creepers were so so popular before that it kind of influenced me to be more interested about elevator shoes in all forms. I love it when the platforms have that architectural flair going on. Can't wait to try it with slouchy pants.


LIFE / Thursday

10 Magazine
YSL Fusion Ink
Hylamide Pore Delete
NARS Ita Brush
MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Beauty, beauty, beauty.. Nothing inspires me but beauty. 10 Magazine keeps me company. i just love the humorous undertones in each article. Plus , my beauty arsenal and my new bag! Happy Thursday!