BEAUTY / Photography Foundation

Hylamide Photography Foundation

I had the opportunity to try out Hylamide's latest make up innovation. Say hello to Hylamide's Photography Foundation. These products are sort of becoming a staple in the market since there are still a numerous percentage of consumers who embrace the no make-up make up look. I honestly don't fall into that category as I opt more for perfected coverage as opposed to BB creamed luminous-can-still-see-your-freckles-coverage. If you're gonna wear make-up anyways , why not go full on? But my mantra is to always explore and be open so here I am trying a new routine. 

So the make up is a bit fluid and watery , kind of like a serum and lotion. There are tiny specks of illuminators which I presume work as a light-reflecting medium. Since the foundation is a sheer , bare coverage one, it uses the photo-reflectors to somehow lessen the appearance of lines, blemishes and spots. I love the feel of it and  I wouldn't mind it actually to be my primer/ base or a mixing medium for my existing foundations especially the non-touring trend has arrived. I will be posting photos soon on how I wear them. Hylamide sent me the transparent foundation and the golden tan shade for  me to try and if my photos can justify their actual appearance, you can see the specks and illuminators present. The finish? It's very natural to satin dewy so I would be dusting it off with a powder to kill the excess shine but other than that this is a good base if you want to have that weekend breather from make up. These innovative products are enjoyable to use and I only have good things to say about the brand in general. So far, all of their products work like magic and I would always recommend it to customers since I work in a beauty / pharmacy store. 


OUTFIT / New Nude

neoprene top / self-made 
Marginal  neckpiece
ASOS shorts


BEAUTY / Kevyn Aucoin

Kevyn Aucoin
The Sculpting Powder
Creamy Glow duo

There are so many make up products that have sprouted in the past few years that catching up has been as hard as tracking new trending stories on Facebook. But a classic cult brand like Kevyn Aucoin is going to take you to places. I remember owning his book way way back in 2005 , unable to afford his make up let alone pronounce his name correctly ( A-kwayn?!!). Anyhow, he inspired me heaps about make up as a platform to transformation and this was way way back prior youtube vloggers and the Kardashian dynasty . I've always dreamed of getting a nose job but holy dooley! this guy can make a nose look like a million bucks. Page after page , he discusses and demonstrates how contouring is done in the Aucoin way. Since then on, I became obsessed with it. To hell if I'm just going to go in the grocery to buy milk and eggs, i shall contour my nose first! And my classmates, teachers, friends, frenemies, strangers, bad strangers , feeling close strangers, pervs  would ask me if my nose was "done" under the knife. And back then I could only use a brown eyeliner and smudge it on the sides of my nose . Ugh kids these days and their Morphe contour kits haha. Back in our time ( god i feel old) they'd ask for watercolour palettes but ask a kid now what they want for christmas and they'd be saying Anastasia's name without batting an eyelash.  So Kevyn Aucoin lives in  me and he comes in this cute tiny compact. I just wish he still lives now and he'd be slaying all those make up kids and be teaching them the right way. Oh well, I can say that I'm the old school type of kid. I do watch youtube tutorials for like 20 min and that's it. I still love reading make up books but. Anyhow, I  I cannot wait to show you how lush and gorgeous they are on my next post!