OUTFIT / Transition

You know it's summer when you start to get sweaty in areas that were dry. Dampness. Everywhere. You find yourself blotting every 2 hours and the dread of wanting to go to the shower transpires. On a brighter side, it's more fun to work out. You see sweat right away. You feel the metabolism working if that's even possible. The breeze starts to reek of sea salt and sand and algae. Then one by one you begin to shed away from layers of clothing that you considered as blanket. But I hate summer. If only I have a permission to negate it.


SHOES / Height helps

platform derby / Wittner

I may have never achieved my dream height but I've learned to be acquainted with heels and platforms. One of my first purchases from Australia's most stylish shoe label is these very handsome derby. I try not to use them everyday because a white shoes is as fragile as a white paper.  A small dot or stain can taint its purity. But I always always always look forward in wearing them. Plus the lovely height gives me that unexplainable euphoria.

Update: I'm so lucky to be part of Wittner's growing brand as a fashion consultant. Working in the store is always an inspiring day. So you will see more Wittner shoes in the blog.


LIFE / Other side

There's so many things to explore. So many things to be curious about. I think everytime we step outside our home , we literally step out of our comfort zones and that's the first step among the plethora of things to do. We drove for 2 hours on our day off 2 weeks ago( whew! felt like ages ago!) . Mondays are our Sundays and we didn't plan this trip! We just drove and stop over to see country houses and apple bearing trees and the immense fields and greens. That day was different. As if the world was drawn by a different painter. So good to always step back and stop... and see. Inspirations will always be around.