OUTFIT / Two Face

Neoprene blazer - FrontRow Shop
white shorts - GAP
Black geometric shorts - dept store

Nothing fancy. Just me test-driving my reversible neoprene blazer. I love it when paired with shorts just to dispell the formality of it. Today is holiday and I have to run outside for some errands. Have a great day , everyone!


CLOTHES / New Boxy Leather

Zara boxy leather top

It's the only white, minimal item on the rack among the sea of florals and whatnot. It was easy to spot it and I wondered why no one noticed because I thought everyone was into white lately. I went to the fitting room right away to discover that the blemish of this crop top is the fabric itself- the wrinkled faux leather which if mishandled harshly would  cause the thin fragile leather to be torn apart. Oh Zara! I wished you just made it into a neoprene fabric but I couldn't resist the massive discount (  it is cheap!) and the boxy crop style so I went home with it. I love hanging it on my wall. I adore the fit too but I guess I have to wear it on days I require little locomotion.


RUNWAY / Jil Sander Fall Winter 2014

This post is a bit late but I post collection here not to update but rather to
convey my immense appreciation with everything.

The image of a JIL SANDER man will always be engraved in my mind.
In every collection there's always something you'd wear for a basic day
and a show piece which involves hi-tech fabrics.
This collection has everything I want in my wardrobe!
The way it was styled too reflects my style
in a number of ways.
So happy to see that the tailored pieces have silhouettes in large segments.
I couldn't stop dreaming photo #1.


SHOP / Buy Now !

ASOS wedge boots - size 10 US Women 
 Zara boots - size 10 US Women

I'm in my de-cluttering phase right now and I am selling these two boots because I've noticed that I haven't worn them for almost a year now. Plus , I'm into low wedges and flats lately. But I'd appreciate it if someone would get hold of these , I mean these boots are great and I am sure that someone out there would enjoy these two better than I do. International buyers ( Hi friends!!) are welcome however the price of the shipping can be quite pricier than the shoe itself so it's up to you. So email me at karleuterio@gmail.com  for price inquiries and details. I could even give  you photos of me wearing them just so you could visualize.


OUTFIT / Sweater, Shorts , Socks

 Sweater - FrontRow Shop
shorts - Nike
felt wool slip-ons - random market
frosted eyewear 
Neckpiece - Daiso 

It's always been a herculean task to dive into white pieces but the wonders of combining these three white pieces together is magic in every form. Maybe I really need to wear shorts more often but I have issues with them as it shortens my legs even more. Well , as if I've got any choice left anyway. I'll be working on embracing my hairy short legs for now. If you've noticed from my previous post  , my hair have gone shorter that is because I impulsively asked my boyfriend to shave the thick portions of my hair one boring afternoon but everyone disliked it except me. To appease the growing concern of friends, I got myself a decent haircut in a local salon.