LIFE / Less color , more style

There are people  who think that a closet filled with only white and black clothes offers a very limited range of choices. That is not true. i may not have floral shirts for spring or some tartan pants for fall but i have whites to go with the lightness of the season. During the somber months, i rely on black mostly. I may  have a limited color range but the various style and fabric  is good to cover seasons and my changing moods. My black pants range from skinny to loose , tailored to culottes which I personally think would do great with the majority of what i have. Even the shirts are abundant in its different category too. I have neoprene, leatherette, knits and cotton plus they come in different styles too. I love that I have oversized, regular fit shirts, crop ( for layering) , and my favorite : boxy. So i may look like i wear the same things over and over again ( which i think is a good compliment) but looking closely, each piece is special and unique. Uniform , some would call it but for me - self-expression. Clothes need not to complicate life...and your wallet too!



Photographer: Mathieu Vilasco\
Stylist: Pauline Croce
Model: Florentin Glemarec

It's been a while since I posted an editorial on my blog. So surprised to see Florentin flawlessly  clad in Juun J. pieces . He was just a Lookbook.nu guy before and now he's walking the runway shows of Rad Hourani and more. I'm digging boxy pieces right now. It must be the weather.


OUTFIT / Basic Geometry

 Neoprene shirt - Ninthsheep
Geometric Neoprene cover up : Ninthsheep
tailored pants: BCBG
Derby mules : thrifted / DIY 

I am most happy whenever I wear clothes that radiate simplistic modernism.It is true that  the absence of color creates a presence especially by wearing minimal clothes with special attention on construction.  The geometric sensibilities are very evident from the eyewear down to the shoes. A look inspired by , of course, Rad Hourani. I am so excited to test drive the clothes that I've been creating for Ninthsheep. It's actually me and my boyfriend's clothing line. The inception was rooted from our desire to create clothes that we would love wearing without the pressure on the notion of  selling it. Living the minimalist code includes making your own clothes versus purchasing on every store and this turned out to be a happy kind of vice. I am so excited to wear other designs here and I will keep everyone updated.And finally, I was able to wear my DIY derby mules.


DIY / Leather slides

Been wanting to have a rubber slide for easy normal day dressing and I bought these from Divisoria.  Lucky I have a stash of genuine leather in my "future -diy-supplies " box . So excited for the result. I had a hard time doing the pattern honestly.This sandal type is one of my favorite because it looks chunky and it hides the toes real good.  Btw, The DIY was inspired from Love-aesthetics and Roge .


OUTFIT / Foam meets function


Foam sweater / FrontRow Shop
leather backpack / Cava bags
Low-crotch pants - Comme des Garcons 

It's been cold and raining everyday . The other day i forgot my white umbrella  and i came home with a soaked sweater.  It was my favorite grey sweater and the rain violated it with wet streaks. Thats what i hate about grey clothings. A neoprene sweater , instead, is a fail-proof  armada for the rain. Neoprene isnt just a useless trend , but a functional blessing. It's thick and water doesnt penetrate. Honestly, i was drawn to it because aestehtically, it creates a sculpture-like form but wearing it has proven its purpose that it's become a trusty armor and clothing in one.