OUTFIT / Weirdrobe

neckpiece / H&M X Margiela
cut-out neoprene tee / Frontrow Shop
Shorts / Giordano
Derby / Dr. Martens

 Finding comfort in this outfit today.. Don't worry I brought my bomber jacket with me once I feel  a surge of coyness during the day. I really could use a lot ventilation , you see. The devil of it all was the heat that I couldn't fathom. In no less than a week  , Christmas season will be here


SHOP / Favorite Things + Black Friday Sale

(It would be fun to search the whole site for these items I picked) 

//Me and my boyfriend had a pact that once we started living together in a house , we will be focusing more on making our space a creative abode. There would be industrial chairs, white candles , a chalkboard in the kitchen, coffee table books and beautiful things. There's a huge huge sale at EAstdane today until . Instead of rummaging the apparel section, I , for once, clicked the home and gift items section. Shopping for me lately has been more of gift shopping. I think this activity has shifted from a personal pleasure  to a benevolent act for loved ones. Shopping for others excite me, honestly. Once in a while , i enjoy buying something for my mom or to Larrend. I reckon that at this point, I would feel so guilty if I just went ahead and shopped for myself. 

//Thankfully, Black Friday Sales were invented hence Eastdane's treat for everyone this November . All items are on sale, all brands, everything! Shopping for christmas is a dead giveaway for this occasion. Yes, buy that Margiela paperweight for your dad! Get your boyfriend that classic Calvin Klein underwear so (finally) he could post a hot selfie of himself in that iconic white undies.  Click here for the coupon code

Spend $250= 15% off 
Spend $500= 20% off 
  Spend $1000 = 25% off


OUTFIT / Lightweight bomber jacket

Lightweight bomber jacket / Ninthsheep
Neoprene tee / Ninthsheep
pants / UNIQLO
shoes / Dr. Martens

Towards the end of august , I bought me some supplies of fabric for future use. larrend and i are planning to create a wardrobe of minimal tops consisting of sweaters, big boxy shirts and cover ups. I realize that ive been stocking up fabrics more than i am utilizing them then one day i said why not start cutting the fabric for a sweater. I've been mentally designjng pieces and the more I stayed on designing, the more i delayed the creating process. The issue of being and doing slapped right in front of me. So i grabbed my scissors and a colored pencil and started on with this black scuba. It's a simple sweater that i turned into a cover up. I cut open the front bodice so it would be a cover up slash bomber jacket and because cover ups are key items hence you can pretty much maximize its use. It is obviously light, making it layer-friendly and it's smart for packing too. I've had heavy coats and jackets for years and i am beginning to realize that you can actually make structured jackets in light materials.  The coat, devoid of any zippers and heavy details, has now become my staple. I found a much thicker scuba fabric and i am thinking of making another bomber in a bigger size soon. So excited for that! 


DIY / United Nude Repainted

shoes / United Nude 

I never regret buying this fabulous pair. It is engineered and crafted in my own liking. There is geometry, odd shapes and without a doubt, an avant-garde flair. However, I bought it at a time where it was on sale on Solestruck and the time where I kinda veered away from high heeled shoes. Not letting the opportunity drift away, I bought it. When I received it, I noticed the gray leather is distressed ... again it was on Sale. I didn't complain. I wore it with pride , in fact I did when Pelayo Diaz visited Manila for the Bershka opening. Later this year, I feared that the un-pristine leather color will continue and since I am planning to bring it with me to Australia, I brought these babies to a shoe doctor for some color retouch. The grey leather color he use isn't good so I told him to just paint it black. I love it more even! Maybe I would wear it this weekend on the Shoe exhibit at Ayala Museum. Thanks to the curator Brian Tenorio for personally inviting me by the way.


LIFE / Pure

He is my living ken doll with mustache. He dresses well and looks ravishing on photos. It is believed that when you capture a photo of a person , you obtain a part of his soul. that entity is forever etched in the photograph. I have thousands of Larrends in my iphone, my computer. His little souls make me happy everyday. I am sharing you some of  his souls in this post. Enjoy.